Suffering from shaky muscles during sports?

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Beginning athletes suffer from it: shaky muscles during intensive training. Suddenly, your legs seem to be made of pasta, and in extreme cases you even collapse like a pudding. But why are your muscles shaking? And what can you do about it?

Vibrating muscles are also called “muscle tremors” and appear when you ask for more of your muscles than they can bear. The effort is too big. The muscle fibers are stretched and contracted uncontrollably, causing irritation of the nerve endings and uncontrollable vibration of the muscles.

Your muscles give a warning: slow down! The best remedy is to gradually give the muscles the chance to ease. “Build the pace quietly, do not go faster than necessary and also get enough rest between your sessions,” advises Lee Boyce, expert in fitness. If you exert excessive pressure on your muscles, you may be injured.

Fast sugars

A second possible cause is a lack of glycogen in the muscles. This is the energy intake that your body receives from carbohydrates. But the stock is limited. Fortunately, you can restore the glycogen stock by taking quick sugars. A fruit drink for example.


Also be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout for your body to  receive the essential minerals lost by sweating. If you exercise for more than half an hour, you can also opt for a sports drink, often filled with potassium and sodium.


Last but not least. When stretching the muscles, the muscle fibers are strained and cannot contract. Simple but efficient!

Source: Women’s Health


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