Heavy legs? Tips from your personal trainer

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As a result of poor blood and lymphatic circulation, the feeling of heavy legs can be balanced by exercises that will work the muscles. Forward for special exercises light legs!

1) Relieve heavy legs | Lie on your back, arms up body, head down, neck relaxed. The heels are placed against a wall and the legs form an angle of about 45 ° with the ground. Stay 5 to 10 minutes in this position.

2) Facilitate blood circulation | Always in the same position. Take a heel off the wall and place the leg as much as possible vertically. Perform small circles with the foot, leg extended. Make 5 small circles in one direction, then in the other. Alternate this movement with each leg, 3 times in a row. Repeat this movement 20 times.

3) In the shower | Open the cold water tap and spray on the legs starting at the ankles and going up to the thighs. The jet must be toned but not too strong.

4) And in the office, simple gestures? | In sitting position, when the veins have tendency to dilate and blood pressure to increase.

❙ Uncross and elevate your legs,

❙ Avoid clothing that compresses the blood circulation,

❙ Drink water without moderation,

❙ Work your abductors by bringing your knees together while counteracting them with the hands. If you are standing up, put your toes on a step and flex / stretch for 3 minutes. And of course, walk regularly.



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