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The Foam roller is a massage roller made of more or less dense foam depending on the model, the flexible one without nubs is used in the practice of Pilates, to stretch your muscles, strengthen your abdominal belt, and self-massage. The Grid (with nubs) Foam Roller is mainly used for self-massage, by rolling the muscles
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Beetroot is a root vegetable that belongs to the spinach family. There are several varieties of beets, the white which is used in particular by the sugar industry, the yellow and the red which is the most interesting variety from a nutritional and curative point of view. Indeed, it improves blood circulation and helps the
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Fruit with an elongated or round shape and green or yellow color. It is indeed a fruit, because it contains seeds of the plant, but it is commonly used as a vegetable. It has that sunny something that gives the dishes a Mediterranean look. Fleshy, and low in calories (only 15 kcal/100g), zucchini is made up
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~ Self-defense exercises ~ Knowing simple actions in the event of an attack can be lifesaving. To defend yourself, you have to know how to free yourself or throw blows. You don’t have to be a great athlete to practice this discipline. The exercises are essentially based on the speed and precision of the movements.
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