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~ Self-defense exercises ~

Knowing simple actions in the event of an attack can be lifesaving. To defend yourself, you have to know how to free yourself or throw blows. You don’t have to be a great athlete to practice this discipline. The exercises are essentially based on the speed and precision of the movements. Self-defense methods use all muscles. By jumping, striking, lying down, counterattacking, the training becomes complete and intense. It is above all sporty and flat stomach and tapered legs will be on the program.

To start, only breathe in and out through your nose and continuously in order to keep your jaw clenched. Follow with punches, feet, elbows and knees. When you hit an invisible opponent, tense your abs, as well as all other muscles in the body. Anchor yourself to the ground for good support and work the exercises in sets of two, four and eight. This “body combat” strengthens the entire musculature.

In case of aggression, if the opponent has his arms raised, focus on his lower abdomen and deliver a knee strike to his genitals, this will make him lower his guard and allow him to deliver quick blows.

When he tries to strangle you, raise your arms forcefully and simultaneously lower them to one side.

Don’t try to detach your attacker’s arms, this could complicate things.

If this person stands on you like a table (on all fours), grab one of their arms and trap one of their legs, raise their pelvis and roll onto their side, so as to return the blows.

Would like to learn the right actions to defend yourself? Do not hesitate to make an appointment with one of our coaches specializing in self-defense for children and adults.

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