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When looking for online trainings, the internet offers a wide offer of all types, which may look overwhelming. When looking for the right type of online training, it is essential to check the background of the trainers. While a trainer may look professional, healthy and good looking (let’s be honest, you do check), you may miss the most important information, what kind of studies, trainings did he or she followed.

First of all, let’s talk about the benefits of online trainings. One of the most evident benefit is the price. You will logically pay less for an online session than to have your own personal trainer at home.

Talking about the location, you are now free to do your training wherever you are. Having a busy day at the office or even at home, you simply find a quiet place and you can enjoy your private training session.

Obviously, you’ll need a laptop, Ipad, phone and a good internet connection. While face to face coaching requires a specific date and time with your trainer, online trainings offer flexibility, as the trainer can offer a wider range of hours to schedule the sessions. Travelling from client to client is time consuming and online trainings do come handy. This brings me to the next benefit, getting online sessions saves you precious time! No need to hurry up to go to the gym, stuck in traffic, all that stress is avoided. Not only will you be more focused during your training, it will be way more effective as well.

As writing this article, we are living in uncertain times. The Covid-19 virus is speading rapidly and people are confined in their home. By offering online coaching, we offer the possibility of safety while not being in direct contact with the trainer. You control your environment.

In order to be able to continue our services, we put in place a special offer for online coaching. Not only is the price attractive but you’ll also be able to choose your trainer or even different trainers. While some prefer to have a yoga session, you are free to try out a boxing class with another trainer.

As of today, we offer online trainings for 45€ ttc for a 45min. class and 55€ for a 60min. class. No stress, no fuss, you decide when you want to train and with the trainer you want. Contact us now to book your session !

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