No matter how old you are, sport and exercise will help you stay fit and feel good.

We train

People with physical disabilities

Coach for Kids

Coach for Kids, our individual training programme has for its aim to teach kids healthy eating and sports habits.

Our coaches are university-degree fitness professionals with a natural ability to engage children in healthy, fun, physical activity.

Your kid’s birthday coming up soon? Coach at Home organises birthday parties full of fun sports activities for your little one and friends.


Doing sports is strongly recommended for elderly people.

Before setting up your tailor-made pro-gramme, our personal trainers will take into account your physical condition and medical history.

Persons with physical disabilities

Our personal trainers have special preparation to train people with diverse physical disabilities.

In our individual fitness programmes, we make adaptations for various injury levels and are always sensitive to any limitations caused by the handicap.

Our e-coaching solution is a practical, flexible and economical solution that keeps you in shape thanks to our online program.

All you need is internet access and the motivation to succeed.

Get advice from a coach from our team as well as a training program adapted to your needs.

Different formulas of 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes are available and offer you the possibility to train wherever you are while having regular communication with one of our coaches.

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