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20180513_ing-night-marathon-2018-600-400 Norbert Wilhelmi

It’s decided, I’m signing up for a half-marathon!

LUXEMBOURG – This time, it’s decided, you’re getting back into sport! What’s better than a nice goal to motivate yourself?

With spring and the sunny days returning (well, we hope), many of you want to resume sporting activity.
One of the most accessible and democratic disciplines remains running, but even for this sport, certain precautions are necessary. “The first two or three weeks of recovery, do not make intense or prolonged efforts,” advises Thomas Nielsen, founder-director of Coach at Home Luxembourg.
Before you start running, choose gentle sports, such as swimming, cycling or brisk walking. It is essential to warm up well before exercise and take the time to stretch afterwards.

Sleep, a runner’s best ally

“Too often, I see runners who put on their running shoes and start running immediately, without warming up. Running cold, even slowly, is not a warm-up, it is already the main activity, insists Thomas Nielsen. However, it is essential to warm up on site, or by walking. We must gradually bring the body to the right temperature and increase blood flow, and above all not skip ahead.”

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