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The Foam roller is a massage roller made of more or less dense foam depending on the model, the flexible one without nubs is used in the practice of Pilates, to stretch your muscles, strengthen your abdominal belt, and self-massage. The Grid (with nubs) Foam Roller is mainly used for self-massage, by rolling the muscles
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It’s decided, I’m signing up for a half-marathon! LUXEMBOURG – This time, it’s decided, you’re getting back into sport! What’s better than a nice goal to motivate yourself? With spring and the sunny days returning (well, we hope), many of you want to resume sporting activity. One of the most accessible and democratic disciplines remains
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When looking for online trainings, the internet offers a wide offer of all types, which may look overwhelming. When looking for the right type of online training, it is essential to check the background of the trainers. While a trainer may look professional, healthy and good looking (let’s be honest, you do check), you may