The benefits of kale – the superfood

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The name kale cabbage defines several varieties of cabbage: all those that are not headed and which are by definition old varieties of cabbage. Kale cabbage can therefore be called kale.

With its high vitamin C content, kale is a very good antioxidant for the body. It will trap free radicals and promote the proper renewal of your cells. It is also the considerable amount of vitamin C that will give kale significant anti-inflammatory properties.

Do not hesitate to consume it to relieve the little ailments of winter. Renowned for reducing spasms, nausea and stomach pain, kale will relieve digestion problems. Cabbage is usually steamed before consumption. It is also prepared in the form of chips, in salads or even in juice. It is often associated with potatoes and bacon in recipes from Germany or Alsace-Lorraine.

It can also be eaten with carrots, beets and seasoned with curry, soy sauce or ginger.


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