Sleeping well, the secret to stay in shape by your personal trainer

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It isn’t a secret and your personal trainer must have told you, bad sleep or little sleep opens the appetite and encourages to eat more.

An average of 375 Cal are consumed more on a day than after a night’s sleep of 7 to 8 hours.

To avoid throwing yourself on this good croissant, sleep more! A regular physical activity during the day will improve your night rest.

Doing sports facilitates falling asleep and improves one’s performances. Finding a good balance between sports and sleep is essential because one favors the other. Your performance will increase after a good night sleep. It will improve the quality of your rest and on the contrary having a bad night increases the feeling of tiredness and won’t help recovery. It will enhance the side effects of a physical activity such as body aches, inflammation e.g.

Practicing regularly a physical activity accentuates the depth of sleep; it facilitates falling asleep and nighttime awakenings will occur less frequently.

An ideal night for an adult is 8 hours of sleep, but some people only need 6 hours. Of course, it is impossible to say exactly how many hours are needed per night to feel rested and to have a good functioning during the day, each person determines his own needs.

Simple habits can be adopted to fight overweight: half an hour of walking, less television, taking the time to cook a nice healthy meal and a having a good night of sleep. It does not take much more to keep our brain and body at the top of their game.


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