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Gloomy weather, no time, laziness (let’s stay real), all excuses are good to skip your workout. Our coach and personal trainer Thomas, gives us some advice to get back on track.


  • Define your objectives by staying realistic

Defining a motivating objective (objective representing a real challenge) but remaining realistic is essential before getting back to sport. An impossible goal will quickly demotivate you and make you doubt your abilities.

The best is to set goals in stages, adapted to your physical form and to reward yourself when you reach them by giving yourself a small gift for example.

If you don’t believe in your goals, you will lose motivation and be unable to fully engage in your training.

  • There is no perfect body figure

The ideal silhouette does not exist! Each has its own morphology, metabolism and above all a different genetics. The weight displayed on the scale depends on these items together. This is why an individual program tailor-made for one person will not necessarily give the same results for another. Do not hesitate to ask a professional for help. The trainer will be able to prepare a specific programme adapted to your needs and objectives.

  • Organize yourself

We’re always running after time, but the lack of it isn’t an excuse. Try to get up earlier, the first wakeups will be difficult but will become normal. Ideally, exercise early in the morning before breakfast to refuel endorphins and start your day on the right foot. They will regulate your mood and decrease your stress.

  • Always better together

We are less likely to cancel a workout when we know that someone is waiting for us. Motivate two or three friends with a similar skill level. It is always more motivating to train with others. With a trainer even better!

  • Diversity is key

Nothing worse than falling into a routine to kill motivation. Changing your habits is the best way to maintain the urge. Don’t hesitate to try new disciplines. You will be surprised at your adaptability.


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