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Long confined to the physical preparation of athletes, stretching is, nowadays, considered as a sports activity by itself. The benefits for the body and mind are numerous. Not only does stretching prevent chronic muscle pain, but it also improves the quality of blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure. Stretching is a gentle discipline, essential for softening the muscles, improving posture and relieving stress.
Stretch the limbs, then contract them and release them slowly. If stretching does not make it possible to strengthen the muscles, stretching them nevertheless makes it possible to harmonize their tonic activity. Stretching exercises increase the muscle tone of the body by softening and strengthening the elasticity of tendons and muscles. Resulting into a refined and harmonious silhouette by the slight elongation of the muscles.

Exercise for the back and lower back
Lean slightly forward without bending the back. ❘ Lean the lower back against a wall and the knees bent slightly. ❘ Clasp the hands behind the neck and press the upper body and the back towards the back as much as possible, the hands serving as resistance, for 10 seconds. ❘ Bend the back forward with the help of the hands and feel the tension all along the spine. ❘ Hold the position for 10 seconds.

Stretching for the legs
Standing, facing a wall, lean on it and step back with one leg, taking a big step back, and put the heel of the foot of the back leg on the ground. ❘ Hold this posture for several seconds, then start again by reversing the legs.

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