Tips from your personal trainer – Running safely in cold weather conditions

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Running in the cold isn’t as hard as it looks. Below some tips from your personal trainer for continuing your workout while defying the cold.

  1. Dress with several layers to isolate yourself from the cold. Cotton garments absorb a lot of moisture and you will quickly get cold. Opt for specific thermal underwear. Do not wear too much clothing, because once you start walking, you will warm up quickly. Since you lose a lot of body heat through your head it is useful to wear a cap when it is very cold. You can also wear thin gloves if you easily get cold hands.


  1. In winter, it gets darker faster than usually. To be safe on dark roads, especially in the glinting light of dawn and dusk, you must make it easy for drivers to spot you. Use clothing with reflective tape, headlamp, reflective vest, reflective straps, or vest with lighting.


  1. You also sweat in cold weather. That’s why it’s important to drink enough. If you walk a long time, it is also wise to eat a little something before, like dried fruit or some nuts.


  1. In winter, the cold weather and the lack of sun does not encourage you to leave your home. To motivate yourself, find fellow walkers to train or join a running group. The boost to continue your year-round training safely.


  1. When it is very cold and windy, it is advisable to breathe through your nose and to exhale through your mouth. Thus you heat the cold air before it reaches your lungs.


  1. In winter, do not focus on time and performance. Do not put too much pressure on yourself, just try to maintain your physical condition. Do not hesitate to plan a goal in the spring and try to reach it at your own pace.


  1. Do you slip when you walk? There are ice tongs, sort of snow chains, for sports shoes that will prevent you from falling. Trail shoes also have more grip than regular running shoes.

Winter is the perfect season to refocus on strength training. It’s also a great time to do more cross-training: swimming, elliptical workouts, indoor rowing and indoor bicycling. If you aren’t ready to brave the cold there’s always another workout that will suit you.